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Star 用 SKYPE 在線跟專業英語老師學英語啦 by Teacher Alan on 2013-04-18
在線用SKYPE與美國專業英語老師學英語. 我們提供: 日常英語會話 商務英語 航空專業英語 為孩子專業打造的有趣互動英語教學 MBA,碩士面試準備 TOEFL, TOEIC, OPIC, IELTS 準備 我們提供所有的文字教材,無任何添加費用! 我們可以依你的時間靈活安排上課時間, 費用合理, 接受PayPal 或電匯. 給學習長期課程的學員提供折扣! 另外,我們提供有興趣的同學 20分鐘的免費體驗課?...
Post PhotoStar Private English Teacher/Tutor in Shenzhen accepting students by Tom073 on 2013-01-18
Hello, my name is Tom, and I am an English teacher with 16 years experience, living and working in Shenzhen China. For ten years before coming to live in China I taught English in America, and for the last 6 years I have been teaching English to both children and adults in China. I have two masters degrees, one in English, and the other in Education. Whatever aspects of English you wish to learn, I can teach you. Vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, writing, listening skills, reading comprehen...
Post PhotoStar Great tools, and pay what you want! by Brad on 2012-05-08
大家好, Hey all 我在中國叫了英語3年了。 過的挺好。 I was an English teacher in China for 3 years and really enjoyed it. 我現在跟一個出版社合作幫他們介紹他們的網上學英語的軟件。I'm now helping out a publisher spread the word of their online English applications. 都是真好用。以前買的幾百噢元,現在你付你想付的。They're great applications which used to cost hundreds of euros, and now available as pay what you want. ...
Star English teacher / tutor 英語私人家教 by Brad and Clara on 2012-04-04
Hi, Im an English teacher from Australia. I now live in Guangzhou and looking for students who are keen to learn English. 大家好,我是一位來自澳洲的英語教師,現在住在廣州,如果哪位有興趣學英文的可以和我聯系,我們有雙語的中國助教,不用擔心溝通問題。謝謝。 中國助教的電話:13544931041...
Star Join our UK Native Private Tutors and English Corners now with MyTutor! by David MyTutor on 2011-12-05
Join our Native UK Tutors and current English learners and we can instantly improve your speaking ability in Oral/Conversational English! MyTutor offer private tutoring and weekly English Corners designed to be fun and professional in a comfortable and relaxed environment. All of our tutors are native teachers from London, England, university educated in England and have years of Oral English teaching experience. We can personalise your learning to your personal, professional or academic goal...
Star American English teacher in Shenzhen looking for students by Tom on 2011-10-16
Hello, my name is Tom, and I've been a professional teacher for the past 15 years. I am a native English speaker from the United States of America, currently living in Shenzhen China. I've lived in China for 5 years now. I've always loved teaching, which is why I became a teacher back in 1996. I was a High school teacher for 10 years, teaching English and creative writing. I hold masters in both English and Education, and am certified by the United States Department of Education to teach. ...
Star English by Esllesson4u on 2011-10-01
Hi there! Are you looking for an English teacher? I'd be glad to help you study any way I can. Contact me and you can be sure that the course will meet your individual needs. Hope to hear from you soon!...
Star Kindergarden English Teacher Wanted by George.Chow on 2011-08-14
Dear Friend, This is a multinational textile company located in Gaoming district, FoShan city, China. A well-equipped kindergarden, affiliated to this company, has been providing English lessons by native speakers to children aged 4 or over ever since its incipiency. We are currently looking for one English teacher who is experienced in early childhood education. Competitive salary package is offered along with other perks.Please contact me at +86 13433275823 if you are interested. HR...
Star Real English for Real Conversation by Sunanda on 2011-03-23
Sunanda, an experienced, qualified and dynamic native English teacher, offers one-on-one, individualized lessons on Skype for adults and teenagers (no children). Authentic material adapted for conversational lessons. Widely ranging topics will encourage students to become confident and versatile with their language skills. She can assist learners of all ages, levels and needs in their development of English as a Second Language. The first "lesson" is free. Standard price is €20/hour or U.S....
Star English Teacher by Charlie () on 2011-03-12
- I am an American male student living in Beijing. - I have over two years experience teaching English. - I am professional but very friendly and fun. - I love Chinese culture and can teach you a lot about American culture. - I prefer to teach English one on one or to a small class for 180-200RMB per hour. - If you really need lessons please email me and we could also work out an exchange....
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