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Star 很想練好英語口語 by 劉妍 on 2010-03-22
Star Do you want to learn or improve your Chinese? by Jenny on 2010-03-21
Dear Friends, do you want to learn or improve your Chinese ? I'm a native Chinese speaker currently living in Suzhou,a city in between Nanjing and Shangnhai . I majored in English and work for an American company now . In college I have helped some oversea students learning Chinese and when working , I have taught several American collegues . I'm easy-going ,patient and responsible . If you like , contact me by my skype : penglijenny or MSN: [email protected]
Star I wanna have a lunch with u. by Ivy on 2010-03-21
Hi I'm girl in Beijing.I want to meet a foreiner girl......... It's a big city, actually. If you want to go out for a walk, If you live in Haidian? Ok,come on with me! We can hang out together and have a meaning lunch. Call me:13426154680...
Star I am your great Chinese teacher by Lacey on 2010-03-04
Hello, Foreigners friends in Chengdu. I am living and working here in chengdu. I have muc free time, so i would like to teach you Chinese, i worked at beijing and shanghai,and visited many cities in China. I know the Chinese culture very well,the most important is i am very good at language, i am very good at teach foreigners Chinese. I also like to know more culture and make friends. I like to dance, sing, and read, and cook, hang out with freinds. If you want to learn chinese more quickly ,th...
Star is here anybody living in 小西天? by jing on 2010-03-04
I love chinese culture、history、literature and kung fu.i grew up in beijing and now im living in 小西天.im studying english by myself.i want to find some friends who can study together with me. msn:[email protected] QQ:459288580 waiting for your message...:)...
Star Do you want to study chinese in chengdu? by Do you want to study chinese in chengdu on 2010-03-02
Do you want to study chinese in chengdu Do you want to study chinese in chengdu? i want to teach chinese in chengdu as my part-time job,(i am 19,colleage student ,girl)if you want to study chinese,you can give the chance,at the same time i can practice my English,i can speak English, not worry about that. the price and place we can discuss, if you want, call me 13982114575,i am Ashley...
Star Looking for foreign friends by HongJiaxin on 2010-02-23
I would like some foreign friends to chat with one hand, friends, and the one hand, learn from each other, I want to learn English, foreign friends would like to learn Chinese, I can come to teach. I also some Cantonese, though not very proficient, but also dialect, Chaozhou-Shantou words. . . If you have QQ useful, please add me 651,991,002, I do not use MSN, the English a lot and will not! 555. English Henlan I hope that more Chinese can communicate with everyone. So be it!...
Star Looking for language partner(Eng and Chi) by CQ-harith on 2010-02-10
Hello,foreign friends.Are you looking for a language partner who can teach you chinese,and you can teach me english? If you are doing,pls contact me: [email protected] or 023-65684003...
Star 大家好,我來自云南,是一名學生.希望能交到更多的外國朋友 by xueyingying on 2010-02-04
Star 交外國朋友 by bao123 on 2010-01-31
我是一名大學生,現在正在學習日語和韓語,日語基本可以交流,韓語才剛剛起步,希望可以交到日本朋友和韓國朋友,能夠幫助我,我也可以交你們中文 我的QQ是;804118766 郵箱是[email protected]
Star Language Exchange - my chinese for ur korean/english by guyu on 2010-01-25
大家好,我是guyu,來自上海,現在住在墨爾本。我想要學韓語和英語。我很喜歡韓劇和韓國菜,我會讀hangul,但是基本上不明白意思,呵呵,不過下個月報了個韓語班,很期待。當然我也想提高我的英語。我可以幫助你們學中文,還有上海話,如果你們有興趣的話。 Hi everyone, I'm Guyu, I'm from Shanghai, now living in Melbourne, Australia. I want to learn korean and improve my english. I like korean drama...
Star 我很樂意幫助真正想學習中文的外國朋友。 by Justaroder on 2010-01-23
我在上海,我是學生,我很閑…… 有外國朋友需要練習中文口語,我樂于幫忙,最近正放假。 E-MAIL:[email protected] 歡迎聯系。...
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